☘️ Shamrock Emoji: Send Good Luck Wishes And Intentions With This Symbol

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Modified: 3월 22, 2022

Everyone needs a little bit of luck from time to time. Sometimes, life can hit you in the head like a brick. If you know of a family, friend, or colleague who has run into a rough patch, sharing a good omen or lucky symbol like the ☘️ Shamrock emoji will mean so much to them. A shamrock is a universal sign of good luck, and you don’t have to be Irish to recognize it.

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They say when you find or receive a shamrock, whether in real life or online, you’ll have Irish luck and blessings! In addition, based on Irish folklore, each leaf in a shamrock is said to bring a person health, good luck, and happiness! That is what each leaf stands for. Now, who wouldn’t want that? That probably made you quite excited! However, before you go about sharing the shamrock emoji, hold on for sec! You’d better understand that symbols are more than just drawings or simple illustrations, they hold power. Even now, in an age when materialistic viewpoints dominate human thought, numerous ancient symbols like the shamrock, American Indian designs, pyramids, and many others are popular in jewelry and the home.

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That said, suffice it to say, there is more to the shamrock emoji than what we generally know. So, before you start sharing the symbol, let’s familiarize ourselves with it a little bit more. Find out when it first appeared on the scene, how it looks when viewed on different mobile devices and smartphones, etc!


Shamrock Emoji: Definition and Meaning

Shamrock emoji, Apple version of the Shamrock emoji

The ☘️ Shamrock emoji shows a shamrock, a clover-like plant with three heart-shaped leaves. The shamrock is an emblem of Ireland, and a symbol of Saint Patrick, a Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. During the 5th century, Saint Patrick is believed to have used the three-leaved shamrock to convey the concept of the Holy Trinity, (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), to the pagan Irish.

Whether or not this story is true, people still associate the shamrock with St. Patrick and Ireland. No wonder netizens often use the shamrock emoji in conversations and posts related to good luck, Ireland, Saint Patrick’s Day, plants, and nature!

Shamrocks, though, are not to be mistaken with four-leaf clovers, despite the fact that both are connected with good luck and fortune. Although they both represent roughly the same things, the explanation behind their symbolism differs.

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So what makes the shamrock lucky? To answer this, we go back to its leaves. The three leaves reflect the Irish people’s links with God. They represent the Holy Trinity, which consists of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Thus, the shamrock symbol is a sign of salvation.

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Shamrock Emoji History

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The shamrock emoji first appeared as part of Unicode 4.1 which was introduced to the public in 2005. Unicode 4.1 is basically an update of Unicode 4.0, the fourth version of the Unicode Standard. Other noted additions were the ⚓ Anchor, 🦽 Wheelchair, ⚰️ Coffin, and ⚖️ Balance Scale emojis. A decade after, in August 2015, the shamrock emoji was added to Emoji 1.0, Unicode’s first release of emoji documentation.


Other Names of the Shamrock Emoji

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The shamrock emoji may have a totally different name, depending on the device you’re viewing it or accessing it from. If you come across such a situation, there’s no need to be stressed, they all mean the same thing, anyway! That said, other names for it are Trefoil, Trefoil Leaf, Shamrock plant, etc.


Shamrock Emoji on Different Platforms

Ever receive a message with an emoji that seemed out of place? You are not the only one! Sometimes people’s messages get lost in translation because of confusing emoji. This is because the same symbol is rendered differently per operating device and platform. With the shamrock emoji, the disparity is somewhat minimal.

shamrock emoji on different platforms

For example, Google and Twitter versions don’t have lines on their leaves, the others do. JoyPixel’s lines are very faint, but they are there! Meanwhile, Samsung’s version really stands out against the others because it’s the only one with shades of yellow at the end of its leaves. When it comes to structure, Google and Twitter seem flatter than the rest of the versions. In addition, Windows’ variant is the only one with a thick black border and three white lines inside of it.

If you frequently use emoji, you probably know that all symbols supported on PCs and tablets running Windows contain a black border, too. Windows implemented this in 2016, as part of their Windows 10 Anniversary update. They also redesigned some existing emojis, and introduced a few brand new ones.


How to use the Shamrock Emoji

Shamrock emoji, three Shamrocks with stems on a white background

In today’s world, incorporating emojis in your messages helps add emotion, character, even humor to your content. Whether they’re good luck symbols like the shamrock emoji, or a run-of-the-mill smiley, they’ve become widely used in social platforms, messaging apps, emails, and texts. However, they need to be used in the right way.

Let us show you how the shamrock emoji can spice up any sentence, whether used alone, or in combination with other symbols.

– Jane bought a necklace with a ☘️ pendant, she believes it will bring her good luck!
– Every Saint Patrick’s Day, me and my friends go to a local Irish pub and gulp a lot of Guinness! ☘️
– I know you’re feeling nervous about the presentation you will be doing today. Don’t worry, you’re going to blow them away. Sending a good luck charm ☘️to my awesome man.

– ☘️🇮🇪🤞🏼 team who will be competing in this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo [What it means: good luck to the Irish]
– On Saint Patrick’s Day, me and my family try to 🎊👪🇮🇪☘️🎉 wherever we are [What it means: be a part of the parade]
– ​🌾​🌿​☘️​🗡​ is one of my daughter’s favorite topics at school. I am not surprised, she just discovered her green thumb, and has been spending a lot of time in the garden! [What it means: plant anatomy]



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That’s all for now! We hope we inspired you to share the shamrock emoji in a new and exciting way. Truly, giving lucky charms or symbols is a great way to spread good vibes, but it should also work hand in hand with the right set of words. If you want to share the shamrock symbol with a family or friend who has something big coming up in their life, feel free to type or post encouraging phrases in between or before the emoji.

Go ahead and inspire! When you inspire, you are not instructing what to do or giving specific instructions. You’re encouraging the person you are talking to be their best selves, you are trusting that they’ll do the right thing.

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In a way, you are also boosting their luck with positive energy. If that seems a bit of a foreign concept to you, popular Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic explains it better when he says, “Luck falls on not just the brave but also the ones who believe they belong there.” Luck with good vibes is always a winning combination!